(Title and address of the agency)

Re: Wrongful Death Claim of (your loved one’s name) against (the offender’s name and date of birth)

Dear Sir/Madam:

Thank you for your continued work on this matter. On behalf of the victim’s family, please know that the family is very grateful for your valuable and skilled services. I am writing at this time to formally request the records, information, and victim notifications available through your agency to crime victims under (insert the state where the agency is located) Victim’s Rights Act.

Please promptly provide us the following in writing regarding the subject offender:

  • Notify the family of the institution where the offender is incarcerated.
  • Notify the family of the offender’s escape, transfer, or release from any state hospital or corrections facility.
  • Notify the family in advance of transfer to or placement in a non-secure facility, from confinement, or discharge from incarceration, as well any conditions of release.
  • Notify the family of the transition of the offender from a residential facility to a non-residential setting.
  • Notify the family of parole hearings and full parole board reviews.
  • Notify the family of any decision by the parole board or any decision by the governor to commute an offender’s sentence or pardon the offender, prior to public disclosure.
  • Notify the family of the death of the offender while confined.
  • Notify the family of any discharge from parole.

We are very grateful for your cooperation in keeping us informed of the status of the offender. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at (family spokesperson’s phone number).

Thank you in advance for your professional assistance.